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Year: 2018


Generator Excitation system

Excitation system:- Turbo Generators can be supplied with any of the following conventional excitation systems as per customer requirements. Conventional excitation system. Static excitation system. Brushless excitation system. Protection system. a) Conventional excitation system:- The system consists of D.C exciter…


Generator Lubrication system

Lubrication system:- The bearing lubrication is done by circulating oil under pressure and the complete system forms part of the main tube of the system of the turbine. Slip rings:- Slip rings are provided for turbo generators with conventional DC…


Generator Rotor wedges,Retaining rings & Ventilation and cooling

Rotor wedges:- Rotor winding is held in position by single/double dovetail shaped wedges made of non-magnetic material for two pole generators. This enables the winding to withstand high centrifugal force in operation and act as a damper circuit for current…


Generator Bearing & Rotor

Bearing:- The Turbo generators are provided with pressure lubricated self-aligning elliptical type bearing to ensure higher mechanical stability and reduced vibration in operations the bearing are either and shield mounted or pedestal type suitable temperature measurement device are mounted in…


Generator Stator Bar’s and Winding

Stator Bar’s and Winding:- Stator bar design incorporates the use of thermosetting epoxy mica insulation conforming to class “F” The bars/coils during manufacture are provided with conductive coating wrapping tape for minimisation of corona discharge semiconductive varnish/tape is applied a…


Turbo Generators-Their sizes

Turbo Generators-Their sizes: In the table, I, II, III the various standard sizes of the Air/Hyderabad cooled Turbo generator (3000r.p.m) (Air cooled manufactured at BHEL Hyderabad are indicated at additional BHEL can undertake to manufacture tailor-made Turbo generator to suit…